In early 2000, a number of freelance consultants were rendering their professional expertise independently in the fields of finance, taxation, marketing, strategic management, public relations, information technology, among others to various individuals and organizations. Abrea Consulting Group (ACG) initially served as a hub to these freelance consultants while offering a one-stop-shop consulting firm to starting, thriving or struggling businesses and individuals who are in the verge of maximizing their resources, decreasing their costs and potential losses and exploring the market with less exposure risk.

The business terrain pointed to streamlining its expertise to focus on strategic finance and tax advisory services. This paved way to yet another milestone when ACG was incorporated in 2012 as the country’s premier social consulting enterprise.

As a social consulting enterprise, ACG is firmly rooted in its commitment to transform every company to be active agents of genuine change in the country. ACG strategically positions itself as a catalyst offering game-changing strategies to help micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) and other businesses hit their bottomline while living and enjoying a tax-free lifestyle1. At the heart of ACG’s business is its strong advocacy to encourage every Filipino company to do its share in building the nation by upholding ethical business practices.

ACG is the brainchild of Raymond Abrea, the Philippines’ youngest Tax Whiz. It is steadfast in “Making Your Business Work For You” with the company’s one and only One Strategy: TO DO WHAT IS RIGHT.

In all our services, we make sure that we do not only make a living but also build lives.
We constantly encourage our strategic partners to always do the right thing, i.e. to pay just compensation of employees, to declare true profit and to pay the right taxes.

ACG is committed to do what is right, one step at a time, one business at a time;
so that every person we encounter and every organization we do business with becomes a champion of genuine progress.

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