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 Are you being audited regularly?

Citizen Tax Planning implements a game-changing tax strategy to promote a tax-free lifestyle-a lifestyle not free from taxes but free from the unnecessary burden of deficiency taxes, penalties and compromises. It helps taxpayers to pay the right taxes without compromises.


A. Comprehensive Tax Audit– includes tax audit of the last 3-5 taxable years including the current year to formulate the tax compliance pattern vis-a-vis BIR threshold. This covers analysis of tax assessment and deficiency taxes paid in previous years. 

B. Expert Tax Advisory– offers expert tax advisory on all your transactions during the engagement. Your staff can rely on our team of tax experts to assist and guide you in improving your tax compliance and in saving from unnecessary taxes, penalties and compromises.

C. Strategic Tax Planning for the next 3 years including:

  • 24/7 express tax solution– unlimited assistance on any tax and accounting related inquiries of the company throughout the engagement.
  • Unlimited training for accounting/tax personnel – unlimited tax coaching either through email/phone calls and personal discussion to ensure that the tax compliance officer assigned by the company will gain the skills of ensuring all tax compliance of the company will be correct and accurate.
  • Monthly Tax Compliance– review of all monthly BIR remittances of the company one week before the deadline to check the veracity of the data being reported and its corresponding tax consequence or exposure. This also includes tax alert and updates on BIR regulations applicable to the company.
  • Quarterly Tax Audit – quarterly onsite visit to conduct tax mapping and tax audit to check BIR compliance (from returns to supporting documents) and possible exposures.
  • Annual Quality Assurance– in line with the preparation of annual financial statements of the company, our team will annually audit all tax and financial reports with supporting schedules to be certain that all information that will be reported are tax proof. 


A. Save millions of pesos from the unnecessary burden of penalties and compromises!

B. Restore your peace of mind and do business without fear of BIR!

C. Earn millions of pesos while paying the right taxes!

D. Open your Books of Accounts, and pay no more compromises.

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Tax Manager

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