Getting Started: The TaxWhizPH Mobile App and YouTube Channel Goes Live!

The Asian Consulting Group’s digital transformation initiatives officially went online at the D’Scout Hotel, Quezon City on Friday, December 13. The TaxWhizPH Launch marked the culmination of ACG’s digital projects for 2019 – the TaxWhizPH Mobile App and the TaxWhizPH YouTube Channel.

Among those invited at the exclusive event were various celebrities, business partners, and media.

Getting (the night) Started!

To start the evening right, music artists from O/C Records such as The Pub Forties, Eugene Layug, and Martin Riggs. The performers delivered their hit songs, such as the Pub Forties’ “Road Rage” and Martin Riggs’ “Langit at Dagat” and “Himbing”.

While O/C Records’ performances started the lively ambiance for the event, TJ Simba-Medel took the stage with his spoken word poetry. TJ, originally from Arkansas, went to the Philippines for the Filipino Young Leaders Program (FYLPRO) and continued to work closely with ACG as a creative consultant, providing quality advice to improve ACG’s multimedia output.

The TaxWhizPH Launch

With a quick introduction from the host, the event went on to the core of the program.

The TaxWhizPH Launch marks the official public release of the TaxWhizPH Mobile App and YouTube Channel. Each of these digital projects aim to help taxpayers with their compliance – the mobile app for an all-in-one on-the-go platform, and the YouTube channel for all their tax information needs.

But it’s only just the beginning. The TaxWhizPH Mobile App continues its development, with more features in store, while the Channel is set to release more videos regularly.

After the brief introduction about the event, O/C Records CEO – and one of ACG’s celebrity partners – Kean Cipriano held a performance during a brief interlude, performing his original hits such as “Later When I’m Drunk” and “Make Me Fly”.

Continuing the launch, the Asian Consulting Group finally released the most-awaited release of the TaxWhizPH Mobile App. Included in the videos showed during the launch was an instructional video on how to use the app and its features.

James Reid, who has been a leading influence in the tech innovation projects of ACG, went and delivered a speech about the app. The young celebrity-entrepreneur has made significant contributions to the app, whether in its features or in its promotion.

James Reid, ACG Vice President and Digital Transformation Lead at the TaxWhizPH Launch
James Reid, ACG Vice President and Digital Transformation Lead

After the official launch of the TaxWhizPH, key partners of the Asian Consulting Group were invited for a toast to commemorate the app’s development. ACG Founding Chairman Mon Abrea, who has been behind the idea of the TaxWhizPH Mobile App, delivered a speech about the ACG’s digital transformation and the future of its projects.

TaxWhizPH Launch - A Toast to Sucess!
The Asian Consulting Group’s business, media, and celebrity partners hold a toast to success!

Marking the official end of the event, the attendees proceeded to socialize and celebrate the TaxWhizPH Launch.

The TaxWhizPH Mobile App is already available in the Play Store but its availability for the App Store is still currently being processed.

For the TaxWhizPH Youtube Channel, you can subscribe and catch the first few episodes at tinyurl.com/TaxWhizPHChannel

Don’t forget to like the Asian Consulting Group’s page at fb.com/consult.acg to keep up with the developments of the TaxWhizPH Mobile App and YouTube Channel!

Should you have any questions about ACG or the TaxWhizPH app and channel, you can reach us at (02) 7622-7720 or [email protected]. You can also visit the TaxWhizPH website at www.taxwhiz.ph.

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