Tax Hub Talks: So What’s Next for Taxes? Going Digital, Of Course!

The Asian Consulting Group’s regular seminar series returned to the Tax Hub on November 5, Tuesday, with a cutting-edge topic. Featuring Blockchain Technology and Digital Transformation, ACG invited experts and professionals to act as speakers and panelists at the Tax Hub Talks.

Prior to the talk, ACG also hosted – and was part of – the signing of a Pledge of Support between government and private institutions to launch the Bureau of Internal Revenue’s latest project, Hack-A-Tax.

From left to right: ACG President Jose Magsaysay, Jr., ACG Founding Chairman Mon Abrea, BIR Deputy Commissioner Atty. Lanee David, DevCon Philippines’ Founder Winston Damarillo, CSR Philippines Treasurer Salve Duplito.

Hack-A-Tax is a hackathon event wherein contestants will compete on presenting the best concept that can make paying taxes easier and simpler. At the press conference, BIR announced the foregoing mechanics of the event.

This hackathon will jumpstart the development of better ways to file and pay taxes – hopefully sparking competition so that taxpayers will have the luxury to choose which is more convenient! 

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ePeso Project, who is also a partner in the Hack-A-Tax initiative, attended the event, represented by Mr. Vice Catudio.

Starting the Tax Hub Talks is the BIR’s Deputy Commissioner for the Information Systems Group, Atty. Lanee David. She discussed the digital transformation initiatives undertaken by the revenue collection agency, among which was the aforementioned hackathon event.

She outlined the digital transformation goals of the BIR for the next three years. The Deputy Commissioner summed up these milestones as “Streamline. Innovate. Automate.”

Following Atty. David is Unionbank of the Philippines’ Chief Technology and Operations Officer, Mr. Henry Aguda. Mr. Aguda is also the Chairman of UBX Philippines. He discussed blockchain technology and its uses, as well as gave brief overviews of other technological developments, such as automation.

As one of the latest trends in technology, maximizing blockchain technology can result in more secure and accountable transactions.

After the presentations, ACG Founding Chairman the Philippine Tax Whiz Mon Abrea and Expert Financial Journalist Salve Duplito moderated a panel discussion. Aside from the two speakers, other panelists at the event are FinTech Philippines’ Executive Director, Ms. Amor Maclang, and Vice Chairman, Mr. Mark Vernon.

In ACG, we strive to improve the taxpayer’s experience with tax compliance and for us to achieve that, we have launched our own digital transformation initiatives. Spreading these initiatives via the Tax Hub Talks is only one of our projects.

We are also planning to develop the TaxWhizPH Mobile App, which will allow taxpayers to handle their tax compliance anytime and anywhere. This is only one of the apps ACG plans to develop, so stay on your toes!

On December 13, another of ACG’s digital projects will go live. So stay on your toes for our big announcement!If you’re interested to know more about how ACG’s digital transformation can help you, contact us at [email protected] or (02) 622 7720.

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