Tax Hub Talks: Saving More on Taxes with the MSMEs of Albay

The Tax Hub Talks series stopped by in Albay as part of the Tax Amnesty Roadshow organized by the Asian Consulting Group and the Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines. The initiative, supported by the Bureau of Internal Revenue, aims to teach taxpayers on how to save more on taxes.

To start off the Tax Amnesty Roadshow, ACG Founding Chairman Mon Abrea attended an interview with DWBS-AM. The interview, hosted by Jam Mendoza and Susan Balane, focused on basic tax tips, especially for MSMEs.

As part of the Tax Amnesty Roadshow, the Philippine Tax Whiz also paid a courtesy visit to the BIR. Collaboration between the government and the private sector is crucial to reforming the tax system. On the part of the taxpayers, they need to learn how to voluntarily comply.

The tax expert met with Regional Director Florante Aninag and Revenue District Officer Gerlo Cacatian. As a tax reform advocate, Abrea also presented his proposal for the reinstitution of a No Audit Program.

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Tax Hub Talks: Saving More on Taxes with the MSMEs of Albay

Afterwards, the Tax Hub Talks itself was held at 2:00 PM in Balay Cena Una, Albay. As suggested by the name of the program, the seminar focused on the tax amnesty. The event was attended by small and medium enterprises of Albay.

However, despite giving focus on the tax amnesty, the tax expert also pointed out that there are other ways of handling tax cases.

Most businesses have an issue with the BIR audit, especially on its settlement. Taxpayers who don’t know better end up paying under-the-table deals, which only cause bigger problems in the end. Proper settlement of cases requires consistent monitoring of compliance and ensuring that the same violations will not be committed.

Citizen Tax Planning, aims to give taxpayers a game-changing strategy on how not just to settle BIR cases, but also to improve tax compliance moving forward. Since the start of its operations, ACG has helped its partners save millions on taxes.

Tax Hub Talks: Saving More on Taxes with the MSMEs of Albay

ACG’s tax publication, “Iwas Buwis-it: What To Do When Tax Attacks” was also available for purchase at the event. As the author of the book, the Philippine Tax Whiz signed copies after the Tax Hub Talks concluded.

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