ACG Announces New Book at the National MSME Summit

The Asian Consulting Group announced the launch of its latest publication, “Iwas Buwis-it: What to Do When Tax Attacks” at the National MSME Summit on Tuesday, July 16. Announcing the book during the launch were the Philippine Tax Whiz Mon Abrea and James Reid.

Understanding taxes is often a big problem for taxpayers. Most books are too technical, and the topic itself is difficult to digest.

Business owners (or aspiring ones) who have no technical knowledge are often intimidated by taxes. This could lead to them committing violations that could easily have been avoided.

Making the topic of taxes easier to understand is part of the Asian Consulting Group’s advocacy as a social enterprise.

Iwas BUWISit - Announcement at the National MSME Summit

Iwas Buwis-it will be officially launched at the ACG Tax Hub, the Ignacia Place, Quezon City on July 29. The Grand Press Launch will be held after the Tax Hub Talks in the afternoon of the same day.

The Grand Press Launch will be attended by Asian Consulting Group’s celebrity ambassadors, and various media and business partners.

Unlike its previous bestselling title, “Got A Question About Taxes? Ask The Tax Whiz” the new publication will not discuss the technicalities of taxes. Instead, Iwas Buwis-it aims to cover the basic principles of taxation by discussing how it affects the taxpayer’s day-to-day life. Inspired by the styles of magazines, Iwas Buwis-it is designed to be a casual read. Aside from taxes in their day-to-day life, the book also features interviews with James Reid, Boy Abunda, and Potato Corner CEO Jose Magsaysay, Jr.

Iwas BUWISit - Book Cover

“Iwas Buwis-it” will be released in bookstores nationwide by August 2019. The book will also be launched at ACG’s satellite offices in Laguna (August 13), Vigan (August 14), Albay (August 19-20), Bacolod (August 28-29), and Puerto Princesa (September 3-4) alongside the Tax Hub Talks series.

In addition to the satellite offices, you can also catch the book at ACG’s other destinations for the Tax Hub Talks, such as in Pampanga (July 26) and Cebu (August 30-31).

For questions about the book, you can contact us at [email protected] or (02) 622-7720. For those interested in the Tax Hub Talks to be held on the same day of the Grand Press Launch (July 29), you can register here.

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