Improving Tax Savings by Avoiding Penalties at ACG’s Grand Open House!

Non-profit organizations and small businesses learned how to increase tax savings on Friday, November 16. The Asian Consulting Group’s doors were open to all taxpayers for back-to-back tax seminars and tax coaching sessions. ACG hosted the event at the Philippines’ first Tax Hub located at the Ignacia Place, Quezon City.

As its advocacy, ACG seeks to promote tax education as a means of improving compliance and raising tax savings.

The occasion was sponsored by Donburi Mix, Bayani Brew, Lots’a Pizza, Masuki, Ferino’s Bibingka, and Peanut World.

ACG Grand Open House - Improving Tax Savings

The first event of the day was a free tax seminar, attended by business owners eager to avoid failed compliance. One of ACG’s tax experts, Allen Gautier, led the session. The tax seminar provided the attendees with tips on how to handle taxes and basic tax compliance.

The presentation focused on the most common violations committed by small businesses and startups. ACG recognizes that learning about these penalties is the first step to avoiding them.

The tax expert also discussed the provisions of the ongoing tax reform. By learning about the new regulations, business owners will able to get higher tax savings.

ACG Grand Open House - Improving Tax Savings

In the afternoon, ACG held consecutive tax coaching sessions – one for non-government organizations and another for small businesses. During the Exclusive Tax Coaching, ACG’s Tax Supervisor provided tax updates relevant to the attendees.

The tax expert also discussed the ongoing tax reform and its implementing regulations.

An exclusive tax coaching contains a more in-depth and interactive discussion of the topic. While tax seminars often resemble a one-sided lecture, an exclusive tax coaching allows the attendees to have their questions answered.

ACG Grand Open House - Improving Tax Savings

As the Philippines’ first Tax Hub, taxpayers can also set an appointment for these discussions. An Exclusive Tax Coaching is best suited for small businesses trying to grasp tax compliance.

ACG also offers an Executive Tax Briefing for business owners, focusing on problems with the BIR audit. With the right preparation, taxpayers can be prepared and even invalidate the audit.

Schedule an appointment now to learn how you can get rid of the BIR audit the right way!

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