ACG Holds Executive Tax Briefing at the Tax Hub’s First Open House

The Asian Consulting Group held an Executive Tax Briefing at its first Open House on Friday, October 12. Designed as the Philippines’ first Tax Hub, the office is open to all interested taxpayers for consultations, tax seminars, and even tax coaching sessions.

As part of the Open House, the Philippine Tax Whiz Mon Abrea led the event. The tax expert discussed the impact of TRAIN Law to the specific industries of the attendees. The exclusive nature of the Executive Tax Briefing ensured an interactive and tailor-fitted discussion for the enterprise owners.

The Founding President of ACG then discussed the proper way to prepare for BIR audits and how to avoid penalties entirely.

Expenses brought by the BIR Audit can be addressed simply by learning the due process and understanding how they are invalidated. Under the Executive Tax Briefing, ACG provides guidance on exactly that. ACG also introduces a comprehensive presentation on how business owners can take advantage of the ongoing tax reform.

To attend an Executive Tax Briefing, interested taxpayers may set an appointment here.

Executive Tax Briefing at First Open House

As a social enterprise, ACG promotes tax education as a means of avoiding failed compliance. By paying the right taxes, taxpayers can avoid expenses that unnecessarily weigh down businesses. To promote this advocacy, ACG will continue to hold regular tax seminars in October, November, and December. Each seminar will focus on ways to minimize expenses while maximizing business income.

To attend one of its regular tax seminars, you may confirm your attendance here.

In addition, ACG also conducts Exclusive Tax Coaching for startups and small businesses as part of its Open House. The program aims to provide guidance on tax regulations and issuances that businesses can take advantage of. To set a schedule for an Exclusive Tax Coaching, you may visit here.

If you wish to learn more about the Exclusive Tax Coaching and the regular Tax Seminars, you may check for more information here.

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