Exclusive Tax Coaching and Tax Seminars

The Asian Consulting Group offers an Exclusive Tax Coaching to teach startups and small businesses how to maximize the tax system to their advantage. Through tax coaching, small businesses will be able to save more simply by learning about taxes. The tax coaching will also contain a discussion on the ongoing tax reform and how it affects the attendee’s specific industries.

The program aims to provide startups the guidance every business need on how to earn more.

To schedule an Exclusive Tax Coaching, you may visit: http://bit.do/ExclusiveTaxCoaching

Exclusive Tax Coaching and Tax Seminars

ACG also hosts regular tax seminars which revolve around topics that will allow taxpayers to avoid unnecessary fines and penalties. These expenses are brought by failed tax compliance, which can be addressed simply by learning more.

Among the topics discussed during tax seminars are:

  • Different types of letters issued by the Bureau of Internal Revenue
  • How to invalidate BIR Audit
  • BIR Audit process
  • Compromise Penalties
  • Substantiation of Requirements
  • Year-End Compliance

To schedule your attendance at ACG’s tax seminars, you may visit: http://bit.do/TaxSeminar

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