Funding Social Initiatives with The Philippine Tax Whiz: ACG Attends Phil-Am Fund Grantee Summit

Raymond Abrea, Founding President of the Asian Consulting Group, joined the second day of the Philippine-American Fund Grantee Summit on Friday, June 29, 2018. The 2-day event was conducted by the Gerry Roxas Foundation and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). In relation to his expertise, the Philippine Tax Whiz was invited to discuss “Financial Management for Non-Accountants.”

The Philippine-American Fund Grantee Summit was led by the United States Ambassador, Mr. Sung Kim, and USAID officials. Grantees of the Phil-Am Fund attended the summit, comprised of non-governmental institutions provided with opportunities to contribute to the country’s development.

The theme of the entire summit was Showcasing Project Gains and Creating Opportunities for Partnership and included capacity-building sessions targeting to enhance organizational and project management each organization’s initiatives.

As part of the Capacity-Building Sessions of the event’s second day, the tax expert discussed the role of proper financial management and its necessity in funding social initiatives.

Also attending the event is Ms. Victoria Garchitorena, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines, leading a discussion on Sustaining Gains Through Partnerships.

Abrea also discussed the tax-related matters needed to be considered by non-governmental organizations, particularly taxes on donations and tax-exempt organizations. His social enterprise, the Asian Consulting Group (ACG), advocates taxpayer education as part of its initiatives. Through its Tax Whiz Academy program, ACG conducts strategic tax management, seminars, and certification courses on basic tax principles, compliance requirements, and tax planning.

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