Death by Taxes

In the Philippines if you are a hard working employee receiving at least P30,000 monthly salary, your income will be subject to 30% personal income tax same as the corporate income tax. And if you work harder to earn more than P500,000 a year, you will pay the highest income tax rate at 32% while […]

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Lift bank secrecy now or never!

As long as it will apply first to all our honorable congressmen and senators, I think we should pass it first before any reform in government takes effect to stop corruption, tax evasion or even smuggling. This, together with the Freedom of Information Act will greatly uplift morale and public trust, and promote honesty and […]

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#AskTheTaxWhiz: How can we collect the right taxes?

The Philippine Tax Whiz discusses the key areas for reform to help the government collect the right taxes. How come the billionaires in our country are not among the top individual taxpayers? Are we not supposed to collect more taxes from the rich? I read in one of your Instagram posts that the business owners pay only […]

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