#AskTheTaxWhiz: Where can I get information on taxes?

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Private individuals file their income tax return at the BIR in Quezon Avenue, Quezon City to meet the deadline of filing of individual Income Tax Return (ITR) on Monday. Photo by: DARREN LANGIT


There are a lot of websites, blogs, and social media accounts talking about taxes. Can you recommend possible sources accessible online? We have been victimized by fake and old news shared via social media.

I understand your dilemma as we have experienced the same problem before. First, you can always visit the official website of the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), www.bir.gov.ph.

Regarding updates on tax reform, you may also visit the official website of the Department of Finance (DOF), www.dof.gov.ph, and their Facebook account.

Second, our social enterprise also provides all tax information and updates. You may visit the official website of the Abrea Consulting Group, www.acg.ph, for more information.

Third, you may like our Facebook pages: The Philippine Tax Whiz and the Center for Strategic Reforms of the Philippines and follow us on Twitter and Instagram for more tax updates.

Later this year, you will also be able to download the Tax Whiz App to get free access to information. It will officially be launched in September 2017, and the first 1,000 subscribers will get to enjoy the features of the first-ever Tax Whiz App like a tax calendar with alarm and tax calculator, among others.

Our association gave us a copy of your bestselling tax handbook two years ago. How do we get a copy of the latest edition? Are you releasing a new edition soon? Where can we get a copy of the Tax Komiks and Tax Guide which you recently launched with Commissioner Dulay? How can we get in touch with your tax advocacy group?

Thank you for supporting our tax advocacy. Unfortunately, our bestselling handbook is out of stock in all bookstores. You may get a copy directly from us during our nationwide tax roadshow.

We are also releasing the 2017 edition of “Got A Question About Taxes? Ask the Tax Whiz!” featuring 100 tax questions of startups and professionals in June 2017. You may post your tax questions to be included in the new edition via The Philippine Tax Whiz Facebook page.

Regarding the Tax Komiks “VAT Ganun? Bakit Ako May Tax?”, it is distributed for free through the Negosyo Centers of the Department of Trade and Industry. We are still raising more funds to print more copies and make it available nationwide but we have started releasing copies.

For the newly released Tax Guide, you may visit www.acg.ph for free access.

If you have any more questions about taxes, email us at [email protected] or call us at (02) 6227720.

You have been very honest in criticizing the BIR, especially on corruption issues. But in fairness, there are also a lot of improvements and streamlining in our tax compliance requirements since Commissioner Dulay assumed office. Where can we give positive feedback to show our appreciation for all their best efforts in helping us pay our taxes? Also, is there any BIR hotline we can call if we have questions since it’s really a challenge to contact BIR offices?

Thank you for your comment. Yes, we have also seen a lot of improvements in our tax administration but we need to remain vigilant in making sure corruption will end under the able leadership of Commissioner Billy Dulay.

He issued Revenue Memorandum Order (RMO) 61-2016 dated October 28, 2016 to implement a standard feedback system. You can actually give both positive and negative feedback about your dealings with BIR personnel.

The BIR maintains a hotline, formerly called the BIR Contact Center. It is now called the Customer Assistance Division (CAD). Taxpayers may directly contact the CAD using the following numbers: 981-7003;  981-7020;  981-7040; 981-7046. You may also contact their Public Information and Education Division Direct Lines for Tax Queries: 981-7250; 981-7251; 981-7252.

Taxpayers may also email their queries and concerns at [email protected].

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