#AskTheTaxWhiz: Is the proposed tax reform package really pro-poor?

The Philippine Tax Whiz shares what the public must know about the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) bill. Are you supporting the comprehensive tax reform package proposed by the Department of Finance (DOF)? What are the salient points in the proposed bill? Is it really pro-poor? Yes. As a tax advocate for more […]

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One taxpayer at a time

Tax advocate seeks to lead by example     “You lead with direction, you lead by example.”   This quote from professional racing entrepreneur Roger Penske could not be more relevant in a country that reeks of crime and corruption, where the goal is always to create a ripple effect from a few people committed […]

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#AskTheTaxWhiz: Tax on Valentine’s?

The Philippine Tax Whiz answers questions about donor’s tax, sending gifts to loved ones through balikbayan boxes, and value-added tax. I work for a BPO company in Ortigas. This Valentine’s Day, I wish to give my mom a branded bag but I read in your previous article that even gifts are taxable. So, will my […]

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Tax advocate to OFWs: Time to go home

Filipinos are Filipinos, wherever they chose to be in for the sake of their family’s sustenance. But the “Bagong Bayani,” of course, would serve the country better—and would have closer ties with their families—should they decide to build their lives on home soil. This was what The Philippine Tax Whiz Mon Abrea and CSR Philippines […]

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#AskTheTaxWhiz: Miss Universe, confidently beautiful and tax-exempt?

Will winners in the Miss Universe 2016 pageant be required to pay taxes? How about the pageant’s organizers? The Tax Whiz fills us in. 1. Will Miss Universe winners pay taxes to the Philippine government? How much will be the tax due? Yes. Miss Universe winners will pay taxes on their winnings. Prizes exceeding P10,000, […]

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Fixing the Tax System

How do we fix our tax system when taxpayers are in cahoots with tax collectors? Not paying the right taxes is wrong. Bribing examiners makes it even worse. But hiring professional fixers like accountants and lawyers to negotiate tax assessments with examiners makes it a hopeless situation. Instead of paying the right taxes, we bribe […]

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